Adjustment flexibility

Temporary workforce

The needs of today’s organizations are as nuanced as they are precise. Often, changes, fluctuations or simply the seasonal nature of the activity (partially or in its entirety) require qualified staff, able to perform a temporary or longer-term role.
Focus on core business
It allows the company to focus on the main business activities, allocating only the strictly necessary resources
Integration support
If the staff is from another country, EU or non-EU, we provide companies with a wide array of immigration services, integration
Diminished costs
Reduces the administrative cost of the human resources department with HR specialist, psychologist, specific tests, candidate database, trips to career fairs, contact with specific institutions and networks, etc.
You need professionals with experience in human resources. The expertise comes from constant contact with the challenges offered by the HR environment, hundreds of projects with their own specifics, access to dedicated tools and methodology.
PREMIUM resources and approach


Experience in identifying and evaluating candidates

The lack of qualified staff is a priority challenge for most organizations. In many situations, companies don’t have the structure and resources to address a complex process of pursuing, selecting, testing, recruiting, integrating and evaluating employees. The whole process can be extremely time-consuming and there is always the risk of investing time and money in a process that does not yield a valid result.

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Labor recruitment from Asia, Africa, Russia

An employee or 50, for a one-month or one-year project: the needs are different. Fortunately, the solutions are just as varied. With Premium HR, you have access to qualified staff in various fields: light industry, HoReCa, construction, care and assistance, logistics, trade, IT, etc. We fully manage the recruitment process, from identification, selection, testing candidates to assistance with the necessary documentation and obtaining visas, bringing into the country, integration.
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