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Recruitment in Asia, Africa, the Russian region

“How do you find the right candidate as soon as possible? Where to look for them and how? How do you make sure you will make the right choice? We have the necessary tools, methodology and expertise. We identify not only a competent and qualified candidate, but a future reliable member of the organization, who can be integrated with minimal costs.
The current period has best demonstrated how vital it is to be able to quickly absorb the shock of transformations and turn them into beneficial opportunities or changes. That’s what we’re actually trying to do here at Premium HR: create opportunities, keep open the necessary communication and integration channels in a labor market that determines all organizations to constantly rethink their strategy. ”
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Step by step


In this first stage, there is a first discussion that serves as a session to assess the needs of the organization. The goal is to better understand the specific requirements of each company and its organizational culture, the skills and role of the future team member, the essential points that must be “checked” in a viable candidate profile.


Once the essential information to outline the project is aggregated, the Premium HR team completes a candidate profile. The process is complex and nuanced. It gathers references to abilities, personality traits, soft-skills, etc. The profile is sent to the client for comments or validation.


To find the right profiles, we use a vast database that we improve daily but also a proactive search, through the network of contacts, social media platforms, other tools. We usually send the first selections and recommendations within a period of 1 week to 10 days. The method and route of an interview can vary, from online to direct interviews. The purpose of the filtering process is to eliminate in time those candidates who fall outside the profile agreed by the client.


Once a candidate moves to the next stage, we discuss a possible offer from the organization. We make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision. We offer, upon request, recommendations on the benefits offered and other retention measures, the career development plan for that employee, integration into the organization.
Asian workforce

Hiring Asian personnel

The acute shortage of reliable and skilled workforce, with a focus on productivity and efficiency, is a priority on every employers’ agenda. A valid solution is the employment of foreign workers, and the recruitment of Asian staff has become a frequent requirement of organizations. A large proportion of Romanians have chosen to work abroad, and staff in Asian countries – generally in the non-EU area – are seen as a way to cover long-term needs within the organization.
Crisis of qualified local staff
The local labor force has migrated considerably in recent years, leaving a gap in a pool of skilled workers vital to companies.
Work ethic
For the consumer goods industry, the main area of external recruitment is Asia. Qualified staff from this area is an efficient workforce, with efficiency and productivity above the local average.
Workers from Vietnam, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc., are hardworking, conscientious and responsible, and Romanian employers are willing to work to integrate them. Collaborating with an experienced Asian staffing agency, such as Premium HR, greatly facilitates their transition and integration.
Workers usually come for contracts for a period of several years. We choose candidates from countries that have proven to have a high degree of absorption compared to the host country, for each field of activity.
Reduced costs
We always ensure the best connection between employee and employer, proposing a viable long-term solution for the workforce able to meet the requirements of Romanian employers. Our consultants will always propose the most competent candidates for each professional field.
Various domains of activity

Reliable resources

Asian staff recruitment for any field of activity

The fields in which Romanian companies can benefit from labor in Asia are very varied. We list a few: IT, construction staff, restaurant staff, hotels, logistics, warehouse workers, agricultural workers, assistance and care (nurses, elderly care), baby-sitting, clothing, heavy industry, drivers, etc. Skilled workers brought from Asia work effectively in the fields for which they are recruited, help to develop the economy and will prove their devotion and seriousness from the first days of work.

Recruitment process managed from A to Z

Personnel from African countries

Qualified personnel in the African sphere can cover needs in various areas of industry. Premium HR carries out the process of identifying candidates through its own resources, but also through collaborations with external agencies that are directly and constantly connected to the dynamics and characteristics of the local workforce. The database with potential candidates is constantly being expanded and updated.
We identify opportunities
Identification, recruitment of staff from the African region, support in obtaining the necessary documentation, transportation to Romania.
Qualified workforce

Recruitment from EUROPE -Russian area

Premium HR offers the Personnel Recruitment and Selection service in the Russian area for both a fixed and an indefinite period. We make sure that you will find the right human resource, in all fields of activity, for any type of qualifications and any level of experience. We use all recruitment tools (own database, head hunting, Social Media networks, career fairs, recommendations, educational institutions, institutions with a role in communicating with expats or placing the workforce locally).