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Visa, immigration and work permit

Services for obtaining legal documents to work and live in Romania

Citizens who come to work in Romania must initiate and manage a rigorous flow of documents that can sometimes give them headaches. From travel visas, temporary or permanent residence permits, work notices to ITM notifications, recognition of diplomas and apostilles – Premium HR provides direct assistance and advice to ensure that procedures and regulations are met in accordance with applicable rules and laws. The criteria for hiring foreign nationals (EU or non-EU) must also be taken into account, and the employer must meet certain conditions.
Assistance and counseling
Immigration experts
We help companies to understand in detail the implications of these steps and to carry out their operations in compliance.

How can our immigration services help you:

Premium HR has consolidated its considerable expertise in immigration services through an activity started 8 years ago, focused on simplifying processes, allocating resources to the judiciary and removing risks through meticulous analysis. The role of our team of immigration consultants is to solve problems quickly and expertly, with a minimum dispersion of time, human and financial resources.
The team of Premium HR immigration consultants has developed a comprehensive set of services, fully tailored to the needs of companies, covering a wide range of challenges arising from migration legislation and various aspects of labor mobility.
Assistance from the initial stage, obtaining travel visas until obtaining the right to stay and working permit. We assist employees in the relationship with the competent authorities, legalization and apostille, both for employees themselves and for their family members.
Process simplification
Any natural person or company that plans to hire a citizen of another state must ensure that a number of conditions are met, in accordance with the law. Premium HR makes everything run efficiently, quickly and without hassle.
Distribution of effort
We offer assistance from the initial stage until the submission and completion of the process of obtaining the right of residence. The services are complex and well adjusted to the current challenges and specific needs of each organization.
We simplify time- and resource-intensive processes

Solutions welcomed by companies and employees as well

Premium HR's mission is to assist and advise the client company throughout the entire process.

We have assisted multiple domestic or multinational organizations that employ staff from abroad, providing legal advice and specialized advice. The employment of foreign citizens in Romania involves a series of actions accompanied by vital documents for the effortless and especially legal activity progress. Often, if an employer is not deeply acquainted with the applicable conditions of the law, in order to obtain a work, employment or temporary or long-term residence permit, this leaves room for errors that can lead to unpleasant consequences. We respond flexibly to all challenges related to work and residence permits, applicable visa categories and provide the necessary assistance in relation to this matters.
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