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We are PREMIUM HR, a provider of integrated recruitment, selection and placement services.

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Recruitment and selection services. Staff placement. Temporary work.
We specialize in both recruitment, selection and workforce placement in Romania, Asia, Africa and Europe (with a focus on the Russian region)
” “Premium HR delivered the promised results in record time. Qualified staff, as required, with minimal time spent in interviews and trial period.” “
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We approach only the most efficient methods for maximum results. We always find the best people for your project. We are not just relying on access to the extensive database of candidates; we are actively looking for the ideal candidate according to the required profile. We develop recruitment strategies oriented to the immediate or long-term needs of the company. We can be directly involved in identifying the performance problems of the organization, in order to come up with solutions.


A more relevant approach now, maybe than ever before. The need to quickly find practical solutions creates pressure in all areas of a business environment, human resources included. Temporary work is the right choice when you are looking for people for a fixed-term or seasonal project, providing both cost savings and quick access to skilled staff.


Services for obtaining legal documents to work and live in Romania. At first glance, immigration legislation in Romania seems complicated and often inaccessible. We are experts in the field of immigration, which means that we effectively perform all legal consulting and representation services, offering clients the best services for their employees and their employees’ families.


The process of hiring non-EU staff involves a not-so-simple procedure. As a seasonal worker, trainee, seconded and so on, the employee must obtain an employment permit, for which he submits a series of documents. This is just the beginning. We can get involved in employer-employee communication, with state institutions, with the diplomatic missions of the countries of origin.
A major challenge in the process of finding a new team member is the time spent searching, selecting, analyzing and testing candidates. Often, the need for a new team member arises relatively quickly, so companies have not foreseen internal resources to allocate to this process, from idea to decision.
You need the right person, right now. The professional recruitment services provide you not only high-performing candidates but also those that best fit the organizational culture of the new team. Premium HR achieves this using the most modern research and evaluation methodologies, active search, upheld by considerable experience in hundreds of HR projects.
It allows the company to focus on the central direction in business, while HR professionals provide you with quick access to the human resources needed to cover a need in the organization. Without assuming long-term organizational chart changes, managing the consequences of these changes, assuming the implied material and time costs.
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Our mission is to provide accessible services for high demanding HR projects.

Over time, we have developed an extensive network of contacts of professionals from all fields. We are familiar with diverse organizational cultures, internal flows, challenges within many types of domestic or external structures.
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